BPM`online Sales


From short orders to long corporate deals.
Use ready-made processes to manage the full cycle of sales.

See how it works and what result it gives!

Gather a complete portrait of your client

  • Unified database of contacts and contractors of your service department
  • Segment contacts and counterparties
  • Manage the fullness of information about your customers, their accounts
    and active transactions
  • Build relationships with customers and partners based on the complete history of your communication.
  • Complete analysis of the customer base

Manage communications in the system

  • Convenient communication panel
  • Plan working hours, appointments and tasks with a convenient schedule
  • Work with email messages without leaving BPM’online sales
  • Call customers and take calls directly to the system
  • Corporate Social Networking
  • Analysis of employee productivity based on completed tasks, and monitor the dynamics of communications with important customers

Manage leads

  • Registration of leads. Fix the needs of potential customers and track their sources of revenue.
  • Check the credibility of the lead and its uniqueness in the database
  • Decide on communication with the lead, depending on the type of need, customer profile
  • Clarify customer needs before creating a sale. Fix the communication history in the activities planned by the process
  • Lead analysis. Build work on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the lead database.

Manage Sales

  • A single register of all company sales
  • Full history for each sale
  • The system is based on the standard process of corporate sales
  • Determination of potential
  • Corporate Social Networking
  • Fix in the system the new data that appears
    In the course of negotiations
  • Prepare a package of documents and close the transaction, following the instructions of the contracting stage
  • Sales funnel. Analyze the effectiveness of managers at each stage of the transaction. Sales analysis. Get a slice of sales on all the necessary indicators on one screen

Plan your sales

  • Plan the work of the sales department in a convenient and familiar format
  • Analysis of the implementation of the plan
  • Evaluate the implementation of the sales plan using plan-fact analysis tools.

Mobile Sales

  • Contacts and contractors. Access all basic customer information from your mobile device.
  • Using a smartphone or tablet, you can schedule tasks, meetings or calls to the system
  • Manage sales wherever you are
  • Lida. View the list of customer needs and change the status of the lead at any time convenient to you
  • Choose the mode of work convenient for you: online or offline, depending on the connection to the Internet

Synchronization and import

  • Import from Excel
  • Integration with MS Exchange
  • Integration with Google
  • Integration with SmartCloud Connect
  • Integration of mail using the IMAP / SMTP protocol
  • Integration with 1C

Cost of BPM’online Sales


For small companies with direct long sales

Reference Process
For managing the sales funnel:
From lead to contract

180 $

per user / year


For companies with a short cycle of sales and e-commerce

Order management
In short sales, the ideal product for electronic commerce

240 $

per user / year


For medium and large companies with a large number of sales channels

Sophisticated tools to manage all sales channels: direct and channel sales, e-commerce, field sales and POS

480 $

per user / year


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