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Creatio system

Development of Creatio that Be Tech has already successfully completed for customers:

  • Accounting systems for accounting
  • Synchronize Creatio with Asterisk call center
  • Connecting Creatio to Binotel call center
  • The connector between Creatio and QuickBooks. Accounting system
  • Apache Kafka – the system for building message queues is synchronized with Creatio
  • gRPS – system for building distributed transactions is synchronized with Creatio
  • The connector between SharePoint and Creatio
  • Synchronize Creatio with Google Docs. Online storage and editing of documents
  • Synchronize bpm`online with Google Forms for polls
  • Development of Creatio synchronization with Unisender parcel delivery services
  • Data transfer is configured in bpm`online with Google Analytics
  • Synchronization of Creatio with client sites on various CMS platforms
  • GDS systems, online ticketing systems are synchronized with Creatio.
  • Synchronize bpm`online with BSP systems. Online payment systems for airlines
  • The connector between Creatio and JivoSite – online chat on the client’s site
  • Creatio synchronization with Amazone AWS
  • Synchronization of Creatio with banks NBU, CBR

Be Tech has created ready-to-use CRM solutions on the Creatio platform for:

  • tourist business,
  • inventory management,
  • staff recruitment and management,
  • management training centers
  • management of the clinic and medical institutions
  • making electronic payments
  • visitor identification based on face recognition system.

Connectors to Creatio with:

  • cash registers
  • payment terminals
  • barcode printing
  • Quick Books

Additions to CRM Creatio :

  • Electronic queue
  • Polls
  • Exchange rates + calculator

All products can be ordered individually.

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Why do you need an individual implementation of CRM?

Ready-made CRM is the best option if all the capabilities of the platform completely solve your problems. Ready-made CRM developed Be Tech based on common business practices in the industries. Automated processes that are often used, for example, in a clinic or travel agency.

Based on many years of experience, we see that sometimes such solutions are not enough, and each business is unique. That is why individual customization is often ordered from us so that new CRM can be productively integrated into existing processes. Integrated all software systems that the company uses in a single window.
The advantages of a turnkey CRM system are that it can automate the processes that are working for your business. When delivery processes, accounting systems, all customers, employees and analytics work are in a single environment — this data can be efficiently managed and operated.

And this is the main goal of the implementation of CRM – relationship management – with customers, with employees, with partners and customers.

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