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Marketing Creatio – follow your client’s travel from first acquaintance to decision to cooperate with you.

See how it works and what result it gives!

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Gather a complete portrait of your client

  • Unified database of contacts and contractors of your service department
  • Segment contacts and counterparties
  • Search and merge of doubles
  • Service history
  • Analytics of the base of consumers of services

Perform segmentation of your database

  • Single operator window
  • Supervisor Workplace
  • Configuring Queues
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Analysis of site events and sources of leads

  • Single Registry of Treatment
  • The organizational structure of Service Desk
  • Manage incidents by the reference process set in the system
  • Quickly register new incidents by filling out key information about the applicant and the nature of the incident
  • Investigation and decision
  • Closure of the incident

Personal Email Marketing

  • Registry of problems and known errors
  • Identification and classification
  • Research and Diagnostics
  • Solution and closing
  • History of troubleshooting
  • Analytics
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Trigger campaigns

  • Change register
  • Registration and classification
  • Implementation and implementation of changes
  • Analytics

Event Management

  • Release Registry
  • Release history
  • Analytics for tracking the dynamics of release and quality control of released releases
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квалификация лида в crm creatio

Lead management

  • Base of service contracts
  • Activation of the service contract
  • History
  • Analytics

Cost of CRM Marketing Creatio

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User license

720 USD

per user/ year

Marketing Creatio Cloud

The pricing of Marketing Creatio is calculated based on the number of marketing users, the number of active contacts and email traffic.

User license

  600 USD

Per user/year

Marketing Creatio On-site

One or more private IP addresses may be provided by Elastic Email ESP, Unione, and Twilio Sendgrid for email sending. Each additional IP address is $500 per IP address/per year.


  1. An active contact is a contact included in one or more marketing activities – campaigns, mass mail or events – within a period of 360 calendar days.
  2. The system is available in two deployment options – Cloud and On-site Subscription.
  3. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is $5,000, which consists of the Creatio product(s) subscription cost or/and cost of any cloud or on-site Marketplace solution.
  4. A minimum contract period for all products and editions is 3 years. Creatio assumes a period of 360 calendar days as one year.
  5. The cost of implementation is calculated separately.


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