Quick Face Creatio

new generation face recognition system

Your company can be the most technically
educated. Quik Face is system
automatically recognizes the faces of visitors
and synchronizes with the data in CRM.

Get full and detailed analytics
about your offline visitors.
Build the necessary reports.
Find out how many people visit your premises.
Daily how many of them are new what age and
half of your visitors, how many visitors returns.

Quick Face will recognize all your VIP clients and prompt the manager
for a plan of action.
You can use the «blacklist» of visitors and not miss the attacker
or the intruder in the hall, the system will promptly notify
the security service.

Send the «Order a presentation» and we will send you
a detailed description of the product with application cases
in various business sectors.

For a more detailed demonstration of the system
consultation with a specialist, please contact us.