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Automation of inventory accounting in a warehouse with a CRM Creatio system functionality.

In one database it is convenient to keep records of leads, customers, orders, and shipments.

Why you need to choose a “STOREKEEPER CREATIO”


STOREKEEPER CREATIO automates inventory processes, work with barcodes and warehouse document management.


inventory crm creatio
  • You will receive full information on the product with characteristics
  • The system has a built-in barcoding mechanism for products
  • You will be able to capture all product movements, receipts to the warehouse, shipping to the customer, as well as moving between warehouses
  • The module Storekeeper Creatio is equipped with a powerful mechanism for categorizing goods using analytical selection groups
  • The system will allow you to select products on a variety of parameters simultaneously


  • The system will allow you to see the current balances of goods in the context of characteristics or warehouses
  • You will record all movements for each product in the context of warehouses and characteristics
  • “Warehouse for Creatio” is equipped with a mechanism for reservation of goods in warehouses
  • You will receive reports on balances and on movement of goods
  • In the system, there are also mechanisms for controlling balances, reserves, and free balances. There is a possibility of prohibiting work with “negative remnants”
  • You will be able to monitor the insurance stock by goods


  • In the system it is convenient to work with all the documents of warehouse accounting: income, expenditure, inventory, posting, write-off, transfer
  • Printout of any document will take you only a few seconds
  • You can create a complete package of documents for the customer in a matter of minutes using only the “Warehouse for bpm’online”


  • You will receive continuous control over all financial transactions with customers or partners
  • The system will allow you to monitor the debts of customers and the debt of your company to partners
  • You will be able to control the payment for each shipment
  • The module will allow you to plan payments using a special mechanism
  • In the system it is possible to fix the structure of payments: payment by installments, payment in different currencies, cash and non-cash payments
  • You will receive an analyst on the receipt and expenditure of funds in any sections: for the company, for the counterparty, for the transaction


  • Connecting a barcode scanner does not require additional software
  • The barcode is automatically assigned to the product in terms of characteristics using a scanner
  • You will be able to quickly select products by barcode in any documents of the system.


  • Business processes of the system combine the tools of warehouse accounting and work with clients. You can close all the questions of marketing, sales and service
  • The module can be synchronized with your site, which will quickly respond to requests
  • You will at any time get information about how many items are in the balance and how much is reserved. This data will allow you to respond faster to the customer’s request
  • The issued customer order forms a reserve for the selected product and monitors the validity of this reserve
  • Based on the order, the system generates the expense documents, which immediately write off the goods from the warehouse. Due to this, the processes of sales and shipment to the client are coordinated
  • The system will allow you to check all the stages of the delivery of the order to the customer from the transfer of the goods to the postal service before receiving the order by the customer


доставка в crm creatio
  • Connecting a barcode scanner does not require additional software
  • The barcode is automatically assigned to the product in terms of characteristics using a scanner
  • You will be able to quickly select products by barcode in any documents of the system.




Computer, tablet. Phone, any operating system – our CRM system works on the device that you have.


The program can be placed without additional fees in the cloud on Amazon servers. You can work with any device connected to the Internet. The application on smartphones can work in off-line


Pay only for the real working functionality. The price of the product Storekeeper Creatio is 1500 USD per year. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is $5,000 which consists of Creatio products subscription cost or/and cost of any cloud or on-site Marketplace solution.

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Transactions of Arrival, Expense, Inventory, Displacement and Price setting

No, the system independently conducts all necessary operations and users see the actual balances for the nomenclature (total, free balance, reserve).

Yes, you can. The system has everything you need to work with barcode scanners.

The system supports work with several warehouses

For all operations in the system, you can get detailed analytics.

The product is flexible. A user with administrator rights can independently edit, add, delete the required fields and cards.